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Hotel Pool Services

We have designed an affordable package for Hotels on improving their pool side bars and pool section as well as to ensure their swimming pool is in tip-top shape and ready for use at all time. Rest assured, we offer high level services obtainable at high end hotels all over Nigeria. We're excited at the prospect of working together to enhance the hospitality experience of your hotel.

Our vision is to promote the pool side bar, increase swimming sales ticket, pool bar sales and patronage and also to ensure clean swimmable water at all time, getting customers involved in pool related activities for both recreational purpose and ways of managing stress using training and entertainment.

Treatment & Maintenance

This service is offered Three times in a week. The service includes:

  • Brushing and Cleaning of Tiles and Floor
  • Vacuuming and Backwashing
  • Pool Surface Tiles and Edge Washing & Cleaning
  • Pool Chlorination and Filtration

Training & Sales Development

We render once in a week free training for any interested customers but they will pay the hotel for using the pool. We design proposals for schools around the hotel to use the pool for their training per term. Also, we provide Lifeguards when the pool is booked for birthdays, events, parties etc.

Pool Marketing & Promotions

We facilitate online/digital publicity and field marketing through printing of fliers and banners. Organization of pool parties for the Hotel periodically for promotion, advertisement and sales generation. We also partake in Hotel Public Relations and marketing at large.

Cost of Service

We provide all the pool chemicals free of charge monthly but the treatment and maintenance, training, pool marketing and promotional services require certain agreed amount of money to carry out the smooth operation either monthly or weekly for transport cost, logistics and administrative charges. This will be discussed at the commencement of service. We promise to serve you better.