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Benefits of Swimming Classes

Our products are highly skilled and not push-overs in any competition attended as we have designed the first swimming syllabus for all schools and individuals so as to make swimming very easy to understand from a non-swimmer, amateur swimmer, regular swimmer and lastly, professional swimmer. We render school/full time coaching, weekend coaching and home/personalized coaching.

Our vision is to produce a world class swimmer and also make swimming a life-time fault and hubby for both recreational purposes and stress management.

Benefits of the Swimming Classes

Below are some of the benefits of taking swimming classes with us:

  • It's the healthiest sport of all (World Health Organization)
  • Good therapy of some medical disorders (Asthma, obesity, arthritis, rheumatism etc)
  • It improves strength, flexibility and lungs for breathing
  • Increases stamina, body balance, posture and growth
  • Puts less strain on joints and connective tissues than other exercise
  • Improves mental alertness and emotional health
  • Helps to exercise for longer periods of time and thereby combating unecessary body fat and boost longevity
  • Good future prospects ( Oil & Gas, Airlines, Armed Forces, Cabin Crew, Seaman, Swimming Coaches, Instructors etc)
  • Fights and manages stress (Build self esteem and to relax and unwind)
  • Saves life and unforseen dangers (e.g avoiding drowning, boat capsize, etc)
  • Multiple recreational uses (Diving, canoeing, water polo, sailing, etc)
  • Gives hope to become a professional athlete (over 25 medals at stake in one competition)